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Egyptian cotton is a relatively more expensive type of cotton as the others. This is because the working process of this type is much more intensive. It has longer hairs which gives it more strength and a nice soft feel. The fibers are about 3cm thick so it gives a good carrying capacity. With the best quality of this product the hairs are even combed for you. This way it looks a lot hairier which can give a unique effect to a rug in the room or a duvet cover. However, it is also used for clothing and you can get yarn for it at the better sewing shops. Nowadays, producers remove the seeds and branches with a machine. This way it is less heavy for the workers and they can deliver more quickly. This is also reflected in the price.

The difference between normal and Egyptian cotton

The Egyptian cotton is grown from a completely different plant as the regular cotton. In addition, this work is done by hand so you get a better product. You can see this mainly in the straight fiber structure that it retains by hand picking. They can also make longer fibers of it so you get very fine cotton yarn. You can see the difference in most products where it is in. This is because it is easier and straighter to weave in. This also makes it more flexible and it feels softer than the regular cotton products.

Because of the greater wear and resilience, these products last a lot longer, making it really worth its money. The more threads that are used for a product, the softer it will feel. Most people know it from the silky duvet covers that are made from it.

Here are the benefits:

The biggest advantage of Egyptian cotton is its soft appearance. Besides that it is also a much nicer product for producers to work with. It is a flexible fibre which allows them to make unique shapes. People who have a duvet made of this type of cotton can stay in bed all day long because the fabric feels so nice. It also has a great ability to absorb moisture. For example, if you sweat while sleeping this duvet cover ensures that it does not feel damp. 

Because it is handpicked, it is also more sustainable which is more and more important for the climate these days. This is why more and more people are choosing it. The long threads and special weaving method ensure that the product can last many times longer. This makes it a high quality fabric.

Egyptian cotton duvet covers and pillowcases

Many people choose a composition or full Egyptian cotton variant when buying duvet covers and pillowcases. This is because it gives a silky soft feeling and you don't want to get out of bed again. It improves the quality of your sleep by making it much more comfortable to lie under. It also has a breathable function, allowing you to sleep well in the summer. Because it is so soft, your hair will no longer get tangled and you will also notice that it no longer fluffs up. 

The longer threads ensure that the duvet covers and pillowcases have a longer life. It is also a sustainably grown product because it is all done by hand. It is also important that you wash it the first 3 times with cold water at a maximum of 30 degrees. After that it can be washed up to 60 degrees. Most people choose to wash this separately so the quality of the product can be guaranteed. You should also not use fabric softener because this can cause damage.

Buy Egyptian cotton shirts

Also with shirts there is often chosen for Egyptian cotton. This ensures that you have ironing free shirts which saves you a lot of time in the long run. Shirts of normal cotton, namely after each wash to be ironed and that does not. Of course these shirts feel nice and soft just like the other products that are made of this material. It is also a colorfast product so the look always remains neat to men and women. Also, everything is hand picked so there is no CO2 emissions from the fuel of the agricultural machines that are used for normal cotton. In addition, you notice not only that it is soft, but also that the quality is much higher. It is very sturdy which makes it last longer than other shirts. It costs a little more, but it's worth the investment.

The unique features of this product

Egyptian cotton is a product known for its long life. This is because the threads are more flexible so they can be made longer. In this way the quality and strength of the textile products made from it is much higher. It can also have a positive effect on sleep. This is because it can absorb sweat and the duvet will still remain dry. The silky soft feel is also much more pleasant and enables most people to lie in bed for a long time. It feels good from the start whether it is clothing or duvets. This while normal cotton needs to be washed several times before it feels nice. It is an investment that you can get back twice as long because of the long life of Egyptian cotton.

What is the best way to wash and dry Egyptian cotton?

When you buy textile from Egyptian cotton, it usually comes with washing instructions. This is because the first time you wash it you should always use cold water. The 2 following washes it is also wise to wash it at 30 degrees. Often this is done in a separate drum to ensure the quality. It is wise to only wash this product with detergent and preferably an organic variant. The more chemical products there are in the product, the sooner damage can occur. Examples are chlorine and fabric softener which can cause stains in the duvet or shirt.

This is why people choose Egyptian cotton

Many people choose Egyptian cotton because it is a sustainable product. It is still mainly grown by hand. Only in the factory they use a machine to remove branches and leaves so that only wool remains. Because it is handpicked the fibers are not damaged so you always have a strong product. The fibres can also be made longer so there is more stability in the products that are made of it. It is also good for the environment that no machines are used during the cultivation. The clothing industry is number 2 of the most polluting industries worldwide. Although it is not 100% sustainable, it is many times more sustainable than normal cotton or linen.

These products can be made from it

Actually everything that has to do with textiles can be made of Egyptian cotton. There are many bath towels made of this kind of cotton because they give a nice soft feeling while drying off. You can also see it in many types of duvet covers and pillowcases. This has several positive effects on your sleep and is also good for a smooth and soft skin. There are also many shirts that are made of this material. These feel solid when you hold them in your hands. During wearing you will also notice that they do not wear out as quickly as another shirt. This is purely due to the long fibers of Egyptian cotton can be made.

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