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Wooden letters have increased in popularity in recent years. This is mainly because people want to become more sustainable. Products made of wood not only last longer, but most manufacturers also put new trees in their place. You can also see wood as a unique product. You will probably notice this if you have different letters. The grain is almost never identical because it is a natural product. This creates a quiet but also unique effect. In addition, you can choose whether you want thin or thick letters. Wood is available in light to dark and therefore fits into any interior. In addition, you can even paint the wood in your own colour. So you always have a good style with matching colors. Besides letters, there are often characters and numbers in the range.

Why do people choose wooden letters?

Many people choose to use wooden letters to write their name. However, you also see more and more people using them for sayings. This is because they are not only available in large sizes, but also in small sizes. This way you have a nice decoration on the closet or wall. You also see it a lot in a baby room. Wood often has a robust structure, but with a neutral effect. You can put it in a busy room to make it look more peaceful. You can also put it in a dark room where the wood draws all the attention. It is available in so many different fonts these days that there is always something for everyone. Of course you can also give it your own twist by painting these letters.

What are the benefits?

When you take wooden letters it is important to choose MDF. This is a special type of wood that does not splinter. The material consists of small wood fibers which ensures a high quality. These wood fibres are pressed together under pressure to form a letter. Another advantage is that this material cannot warp. When you place them in a humid environment like a garden house they remain perfectly straight. Also when you place them in a warm house they keep their shape. You could also choose to lacquer them. This provides even more protection and also gives a little more shine to the wood. Make sure that if you want to paint them that you don't do this beforehand. Lacquer is best applied last.

What types of wooden letters are there?

There are different types of wooden letters. If you look at the material then usually MDF or chipboard is used. Because of the small price difference it is wise to choose MDF. In the paragraph above you can already see the advantages of this type of wood. There is also a diversity of fonts. From straight thick letters to beautiful thin handwritten letters. Often they also have numbers and characters in the same style. This way you can create complete sentences, jokes or other texts. If you choose wooden letters from MDF, they are also safe for children. These do not splinter easily which is also important in a house where people live. In addition, you can get them in almost any color because wood is easy to paint. Possibly you could also do this yourself which is a fun activity to relax. Place a special message in these letters in your living room and you will soon receive compliments.

Where can you buy wooden letters?

Wooden letters can be bought in many shops. So you see in most home stores are some examples of these letters. In addition, you will also see these letters in shops like the ones you know in town that have a small living area. On the internet are also many places with an even larger range. Often they make the most beautiful specimens to order. Often it is possible to come up with your own idea for a certain typeface. There are more then 500 well known fonts you can find on the internet. In addition, the graffiti letter is also becoming very popular because of the different styles in the letters. You can also choose to have handwritten letters made in the format that you want. Also you can choose to have them painted or sprayed in the color you like.

The history of these letters

According to the history books, the wooden letters exist since the 12th century. However, the technology was already designed in China in 1040. The oldest letter produced dates back to 1377. In Europe, it took a long time before the technology was invented. Only in 1439 letters were produced. The reason for choosing the wooden variants is that they were the most readable. In addition, wood was a material that was easier to obtain than for example metal or lead. In 1999 the letter was brought back on the market. There was an almost immediate success. This was because it was affordable and it fitted within several styles. Today there are thousands of companies that sell these letters. However, there are only a few Dutch factories that produce them.

Using wooden letters on a baby room

For several years now, it has been quite common to place the baby's name in wooden letters in the room. Some people also use it in the living room because they want to enjoy this moment for a long time. It gives a warm atmosphere and also fits well with the gender-neutral message that many parents want to send out these days. It is also nice to give as a gift to someone who has just become a mother.

Decorating the living room with wooden letters

In a living room you will often see a message in wooden letters. These can have different purposes, but usually they are positive. So you see on the wall often a nice sentence which is also called slogan. However, it may also be that here are the names of the family or a couple. In addition, there are often numbers used for example, a birth or wedding date to indicate. In the bedroom you often see these letters come back. There is no room to think where these letters do not fit.

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