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Stuc wallpaper is also popularly called renovation wallpaper. This material ensures that you can easily put on the wall. When you go plastering wallpaper on a wall, for example, you normally see much difference. That is over with! Many people also see this as paper which goes over the plaster. So you keep the color of the wall even though you stuct a wallpaper. It is a strong and impact-resistant wallpaper. Shrinkage cracks in the wall are also past tense. So your walls will look like new when you take the wallpaper off. The price for applying varies between approximately 5 and 16 euros per m2. So this is not too bad!

Advantages of stucco wallpaper

Stuc wallpaper is widely used by people who want to keep the walls clean. It has an equalising effect. This gives you no color loss as the wallpaper has sat for several years. The protective effect on the wall is the main reason why these people buy it. Also, this wallpaper offers good strength. And it often has a smooth finish so it can hardly be distinguished from stucco. If you apply it properly you will not even see seams in the wallpaper. It is also easy to paint over when you are not satisfied. In addition, companies put it on for a favourable price, making it more interesting to have it done.

How do you apply stucco wallpaper?

The best is to let a professional apply wallpaper. It is namely quite difficult when you do this for the first time. Also, a professional company can paint the wallpaper so it can be made in all colours that you want. This wallpaper ensures that cracks in a stucco wall are visible invisible. It is therefore important that this with extreme precision is applied. So it is best to choose high quality paint materials when you want to paint this. In most cases it is used as a long-term solution. It is therefore important that it lasts.


The biggest disadvantage of stucco wallpaper is that it is not as tight as stucco. But the advantage is again that it lasts longer by the strength of the wallpaper. When you do not apply it properly there may be strips or corners loose. It is wise to do this. When you do it wrong, it is not easy to repair and you will usually have to start all over again. That is the disadvantage of this wallpaper. But if it comes loose in the corners, you can usually have it repaired. Always let an expert assess the possibilities in advance. Often they can already do this on the basis of a photo you take to the shop, for example.

How is stucco wallpaper applied

Stuc wallpaper can be applied in different ways. The most common is gluing. When you distribute the adhesive evenly you can easily apply it to the wall. However, a professional can do this even better by the glue machine that they often have in possession. In addition, they work many times faster so you do not have to use many days off. Because time is money! After the application it can still be painted or repainted in the colour you want. For this purpose, any visible disadvantages are filled with a filler. This way they are not or hardly visible after painting. You can also choose durable options at some shops. Always ask for the possibilities at the shop concerned.

What does it cost to hire someone

For the application of stucco wallpaper is average € 5, - per m2 counted. Depending on the size of the room may be more or less. In most cases, the size of the space decisive. And then comes the larger space per m2 usually cheaper from the bus. Any additional work such as painting or repainting is charged extra. But all in all it is the size of the room that is decisive. It is therefore wise to ask several quotations from several companies.

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