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A website builder is someone who can build your website or webshop. When you decide to go online it's handy that you can let someone build your website. They often do this in no time with the best settings for your business. But they also provide a beautiful, new and modern picture of the company. So you can also start digitally recruiting customers or selling products. This happens more and more in CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla or Magento. A website builder can advise you what suits your business best. Look at the reviews of the web designer to find out if he is reliable and does a good job.

What does a website builder do?

A website builder is the ideal person to build your website or webshop. This happens nowadays mostly in a Content Management System also called CMS. This ensures that you as an entrepreneur can link it with other applications. Think of a joint administration for online and offline sales. But also automatic shipping options and VAT rate settings have never been easier. A CMS is designed to let you do as much as possible yourself. When the design is made you can easily place messages or products. But also adjusting prices can now be done even faster!

How to choose a good website builder?

A good website builder can be found on the internet quite easily. However, the prices differ enormously. So it's a good idea to ask for several quotations so you can compare them. Ask them to name specific parts of the website. Often there is a big difference between price and quality. But it can also be that a website builder has to rent an expensive office for all his staff. Here, the prices are often higher than with a competitor who works from home. Also the employment makes a difference in the price. So take your time to compare them in order to find the best price-quality ratio.

What does a website builder want to know about you?

Before a website builder can start, he needs to know what your wishes and needs are. An estimation of the number of visitors and your wishes in terms of colors and shapes are crucial. Most also have a portfolio where you can see previous work. Sometimes the website builder also wants to know what you want to achieve with your website. He or she can then give you tailored marketing advice. But they also adjust the most important SEO settings to this. A beautiful picture alone is not enough you also want to be found. Usually you get all rights over the website so you don't have to pay hidden costs for a logo or other services. Also they usually show a quote where the work is specified so you get what you ordered.

Points to consider when choosing a website builder

First, you should look at the experience and reviews that other customers give about a website builder. From this you can often tell the level of work, communication and speed. You could also look for a full service agency. They make sure your website is not only beautiful but also found in search engines like Google or Bing. Often they also make a custom solution for marketing or advertising on the Internet. You can choose whether you want to use this or not. The aftercare is very important to achieve your success on the internet. If you have too many doubts, you can always ask for an introductory meeting. This can give you clear insights!

What a good website builder does

A good website builder looks beyond the picture alone. They often also examine the target group and keywords that fit it. After all, the goal is for visitors to perform an action. Whether this is a request for a quotation or a direct order, you want them to take action. They also look at how friendly the website is for the search engine. This is important for the algorithm of Google or Bing. But also the mobile options for users will be looked at. Sun 60% uses nowadays the search engine on mobile devices. You want to be on a high position here as well.

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