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Your interior often changes over the years. Only the kitchen usually stays the same colour. But did you know you can also choose to spray your kitchen? This makes the kitchen fit in with the interior again. But it is also done in families where a lot of living is done. If your kitchen is made of wood, you can paint it. You extend the life of your kitchen, as it were. Don't choose for convenience anymore, but spray your kitchen and save enormously on the costs. You can always ask for free and non-committal advice from the company where you bought your kitchen.

The advantages of spraying a kitchen

When you paint your kitchen or have it painted, it will last for years to come. This saves you a lot of money. But in addition, many kitchens are timeless. This ensures that they fit in with the zeitgeist of the room. So it's a shame to order a new kitchen. And this way, the nostalgia and memory of the kitchen is also preserved. Many times, the kitchen is not only used for cooking but also for breakfast or living. Keep up with the trends without having to spend too much. Hiring a professional can save you a lot of time and money. Inquire with different providers to get the best price.

How does kitchen spraying work?

During the spraying of the kitchen, everything is usually temporarily removed. So save valuable time by unloading the cabinets in advance. This ensures that the painters can finish their work quickly, which in turn saves you money. When everything is loose and empty the painters can start refinishing the parts. It is important that this happens evenly so it is often done in one day. You can also have the painters paint the fixed parts such as a wall at an additional cost. This keeps the ratio optimal and you have the best color result. When parts are glued or fixed then the painters leave this in place.


Most people want to move with the times. You can do this by having your kitchen painted. A professional will turn your existing kitchen into the new eye candy. It can be repainted in almost any color you want. But you can also opt for a layer of foil in the color you want. This protects the cabinets better against scratches and dents. The internet is a great source of inspiration for painting your kitchen. But nowadays you can also have it pre-drawn or previewed using a colour app. That way you know in advance what it will look like.

Do it yourself or have it done?

It is best to have a kitchen painted or sprayed by a professional. They often have years of experience in the field. This does the result for good. A professional also sees if parts can be removed and this way they can be sprayed again more quickly. In addition, they have already assembled and disassembled many kitchens so the work is done much faster. If you find this too expensive, most companies also offer a do it yourself kit. With this kit you can paint or repaint parts or the entire kitchen yourself. You don't have to buy extra stuff at the hardware store.


It is possible to paint your own kitchen. However, for the best result you should hire a professional. This is often much cheaper than a new kitchen. In terms of variations and colors, there are many possibilities in a kitchen. Let us give you free and non-committal advice on this. Many people keep up with the trends, so a new colour cannot be left behind. A kitchen is more than a place where you prepare food. Many people use it for breakfast or lunch, but it is also used in the evening for visitors. You can also apply a layer of foil to protect the parts. Sometimes these are also available in different colors so that painting is no longer necessary.

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