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To emphasize the old character of a home, old planks are usually used a lot. But it is also increasingly used for making furniture. This is because the old wood has a certain structure and appearance that people fall for. Just the cracks or discoloration make it worthwhile. It's like with clothes, what you wore 50 years ago is now back in fashion. In our article you will find more inspiration. And maybe even things you never thought possible.

What is made of old boards?

An increasingly common trend that we see emerging is the making of doors from old oak planks. This gives some more character to the house and wood is timeless so it fits into any interior. But you also see that it is used for walls and cabinets. The biggest advantage of wood is that you can easily sand and paint it. This ensures that you can make your favorite furniture in the color you want. Although most people go for the original wood look. Almost anything can be made of wood if you let your creativity loose. Create an interior like no one else has.

Why are old boards used a lot?

It is just like fashion a trend to use old wooden and especially oak planks. Even whole walls are decorated with them. In the farming sector you see a lot of dark wood colours like pine. But this is also reflected in the kitchen table that many people buy en masse. But you can also demolish an old piece of furniture and make a new one out of it.

Old oak planks made to measure.

There are more and more companies that use the trade in old oak planks as a lucrative trade. That is why you see the most beautiful creations created. But did you know that you can also choose to customize old oak planks. They make not only wall or closet shelves but also decorative items such as a nameplate or saying board. Look at the different providers that you can find on the internet what the possibilities are.

Creativity with old planks

On the internet you can see many creations of working with old planks. For example, a newspaper rack is transformed into a beautiful new side table. But there are also people who manage to turn a worn out closet into a table and a coat rack. The only thing you need are screws and hooks for the coat rack. So never just throw away your old furniture. There is a bit of character in it. And besides, it's a look you can paint over in your new style. This way you use the materials in a sustainable way and it will cost a lot less money.

Using old shelves for a picture frame

To make a photo frame the thin old boards are the most suitable. You can find tutorials on the internet on how to make your own photo frame easily. Framemakers also give tips and tricks on how to put patterns in the frame. But this is for the advanced. You need the right equipment and a lot of patience.

Old oak boards become new Christmas tree

If you don't want to clean up the mess of a real Christmas tree every day then a wooden Christmas tree is the solution. You can make a wooden tree from old planks that you might have lying around or that you can get hold of on the market. It's also a great family activity to do with your children. But it's also a sustainable solution. And no one will have the same Christmas tree as yours in their house.

Making a birdhouse

You can easily make a birdhouse out of old planks. The only thing you may still need is a little bit of roofing felt for the roof. There are several variants of birdhouses that you can make the open variant usually consists of 4 small boards with a roof on top of 2 boards. The closed variant has one more but don't forget to saw or mill out a round for the birds.

Making furniture from old planks

Old boards are great to make furniture from. The most common thing you see is tables and wall shelves. But did you know you can also make a bed out of them. There are some people who explain this on the internet. This is ideal for children for example. They can choose which colours they want in the bed. And this is possible in 20 different colours for a children's bed or 50 for an adult bed. This is the number of old boards that are recommended on the internet.

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