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The answer to the question of what a webinar is can best be explained as an interactive broadcast over the internet. During this broadcast people all over the world can follow the lesson you want to give. Most webinars have educational purposes. It is also a way to reach the customer during the corona crisis. The form in which this happens can be informative and passive but with yoga it is an active form.

How to organize a webinar?

Many people wonder what a webinar is and how you can organize one. This is quite simple actually depending on the number of people you want to speak to. For small groups a webinar is often via Facebook live. But if you want people to actively participate then choose services like Zoom or Skype. For a webinar you invite people in advance at a certain time. You also give away a spoiler about what it will be about. This activates people to participate. Having famous guest speakers can also work to the advantage of your company or goal.

What is a webinar and what forms do you have?

The question what is a webinar is one that you see increasingly being searched for in the search engine. This is because people are still quite unfamiliar with this phenomenon. Usually a webinar is organized at a company location or a rented studio. From here they will try to reach the customers or people in 2 forms. During the passive form you try to make people listen to the message you have to tell. With an active form you try to motivate people to order something or to participate in certain actions or changes. Both forms can be effective depending on the focus of your company or institution.

The answer to the question what is a webinar

We have tried to translate the answer to the question what is a webinar for you. During a webinar you are taken into the experience of a company or person. They often try to get a message across to you. But they can also explain the positive points of a certain product or service they are offering. It is also used for giving courses. So in almost every industry you have a webinar that you can follow. So you get a general impression about it and it might motivate you to buy or follow a new webinar. It has slowly been called one of the better marketing methods according to the researchers.

What is a webinar and for what purposes is it used?

What is a webinar is a question we get a lot. Usually a webinar is used to teach you something about a particular topic. But this can also be about services and opportunities that a company. It is often used to sell these products or services. But there are also webinars that are given for informational purposes. The people behind it usually give away a short video for free and then you can follow the other videos at a discounted price. Often this is in subscription form because it is held live. But sometimes they also offer the possibility of a one-time fee or voluntary donation.

What is a webinar and how does it differ from a seminar?

We also often get the question what the difference is between a webinar and a seminar. A seminar is often held in a public place or at the company itself. This means that you have to be physically present to be able to follow it. With a webinar you can reach more people because it takes place on the web. Depending on the provider that you hire or use for this purpose it can be as many as 1000 people or more. According to researchers a message with images and sound has a better lasting effect. People pick up the material as much as 80%.

How and what is the reach of a webinar?

The question of how and what is the reach of a webinar is simple to answer with the word good. This is because people do not have to travel to a location to be present. In addition it takes place in a quiet environment so the information is better absorbed. Often it is organized so that only 1 person at a time can ask a question. This way you have time to write down the answers to these critical questions. In addition, more and more companies are offering the option of watching a webinar again. If you have forgotten something you can look back at it for a certain period of time. Organizing a webinar has also become easier. You can easily send a link to the people who have registered. This saves a lot of time and money.

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