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A guided meditation usually takes place with music, sound or a voice that tries to calm you down. It is also a way to talk in a concentrated way. Often the effect is that you do exactly what the instructor does. As with other forms of therapy, it is a method that takes time and practice makes perfect. It is important not to give up immediately and to continue until you succeed. This takes a lot of courage and endurance of you. There are several exercises in the form of meditation, yoga or a body scan that can be performed. Depending on your goals this will be discussed with you. At some point you can also express your own wishes, but in the end the practitioner will decide if this is an effective method that suits you.

Why guided meditation?

Guided meditation is often used by people who are looking for peace and quiet. But also for people with stress complaints this has proven to be an effective method. Meditating ensures that each week you reach one more level of tranquility. And rest results in more desire to do things or a reduction of stress in your head. But also for people with traumatic or painful experiences it can help in the processing. When you are calm and can put things in order, you will often tell more. The more details you can dig up, the better you can give them a place. And there are many more reasons why meditation contributes to better health.

Letting go of events with guided meditation

One of the most frequently followed courses is the letting go of feelings or emotions by means of guided meditation. Some of the aspects that are addressed are acceptance, surrender and trust. During several sessions you will slowly notice that you become more relaxed. But also that you can give events or emotions a place. Only when you accept what happened or what needs to be treated, the treatment can start. Subsequently you will try to accept these negative events and to surrender to them. Afterwards you will start working with releasing these feelings. There is no fixed time to connect. This differs per person and depends on the intensity of the person.

Relaxing with Compassion Guided Meditation

Compassion guided meditation helps to release and relax feelings or emotions that you do not want to have. In a loving and kind way the facilitator will slowly bring you into a trance or at least into peace. From here he or she can continue to address the feelings or emotions. If you do not yet understand or accept them, then this is the first step to take. Only when you relive it or accept it, you can let it go. Unprocessed emotions and feelings keep coming back when you don't surrender to them.

Experiencing stability and calmness through guided meditation

Guided meditation is a tool to mentally calm and quiet. This is also called equanimity. When you have a lot of indifference in your body you can experience a lot of stress or depressive thoughts. This in turn results in you being no fun to deal with and you can also feel pretty bad about this. During the equanimity meditation one of the things that is dealt with is the awareness and self-image. When you accept this and want to change you can go further. Everyone experiences this in a different way of course. But what is certain is that everyone benefits from peace, calm and stability. And you will also experience prosperity and joy.

Falling asleep through guided meditation

There is also guided meditation that helps you to get to sleep. Often this takes place in your home or through an online video connection. But there are also several people who make this available for free on online video channels. The purpose and functioning of this meditation is aimed at calming a person down. Indeed, often before we fall asleep we sit with various thoughts running through our heads. Has this been cleaned or have I turned off all the lights etc.? Or when you have children you get questions like do they sleep well and do they have enough food with them to go to school. During these sessions, sleep advice or music is used to calm down. But it can also be done on the basis of self-hypnosis.

Let go of stress with cleansing meditation

One of the forms of guided meditation is the cleansing meditation. In 10 to 15 minutes you can reduce a lot of stress or in some cases eliminate it completely. One of the most important aspects of this form of meditation is that you learn to take your own place. You also learn to be proud of yourself and to learn from your mistakes. By accepting mistakes you get more self confidence. But accepting is often one of the most important reasons for stress and rest. This form of meditation feels like you empty yourself inside and make a new start. It is often useful to do this 1 or more days a week. In this way you can improve your self-image and peace a lot. Some people completely heal from this and can be comfortable in their bodies for years again.

Guided meditation especially for people who are highly sensitive

There is also a guided meditation for people who are highly sensitive. Did you know that in the Netherlands 1 in 5 people suffer from this in their daily lives? Therefore it is wise to choose 1 or 2 times a day a moment of rest for yourself. This meditation only takes a few minutes but after a few weeks you will notice a lot of results. And what are those few minutes a day? The only thing you need is to be open to it. It is a way to connect mind and body. High sensitivity in daily life can be very irritating and can limit someone a lot. And meditation is often a better alternative than medication. The effect of medication is temporary and meditation can be done daily.

The influence of guided meditation on your body?

Guided meditation not only affects your mind but also your body. Tension and stress in the head can cause muscle problems and headaches. So a healthy mind is already important to start with. You also learn to focus better through meditation. This can be useful in your daily development, but it is especially beneficial in business. When you feel good you often perform more work in a short time. But you also notice that moving around is much smoother and gives less complaints in the neck or back for example. In addition, it is also pleasant for your environment when you feel good about yourself. Then you often undertake more things and you are more sociable. A meditation can only do good.

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